In 2006, Wenzhou Yongxin Packing Co., Ltd. was relocated in the hub city of Yangtze Delta-Jiaxing, and set up a new company -- Jiaxing Jinxin Al Container Co., Ltd. in Jiaxing, which is hugged by Shanghai,Hangzhou and Suzhou. Transportation, including international harbor, expressway and international airport, is extremely convenient.

Covering an area of 30,000 square meters, Jiaxing Jinxin Al Container Co., Ltd. has punching department, lacquering department, printing department, mould department and R&D department. We are a enterprise with 10-year production experience, engaged in researching, producing and marketing aluminum food container inChina. Our core products are aluminum casseroles for airline catering and sealable aluminum trays.


To meet with different requirements of customers, Jinxin has developed multi-series aluminium foil containers, In the meanwhile, we are capable of setting up moulds in-house to produce customize products.Jinxing brought in Germany lacquer treatment on aluminium surface, which figured out the problem of Aluminium oxidation. After tested by SGS lab our aluminium container are according to FDA Of USA and EU standard. Now our products are widely used in airlines, trains and hotels. Also Jinxin is the first enterprise inChinawho can produce Retortable & Sealable Aluminium trays, the quality is as perfect as international one. Meanwhile on April 19,2001 our General Manager Mr.Jiang Yongjie applied the patent for this technology.Patent Number: 00217475.8.

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